Meet The Characters

Meet The Moose –

The Moose wants folks to understand that being in foster care does not define her. She is a fierce and feisty six-year-old, swimmer, gymnast, hip hop dancer and big sister. A princess tom-boy who likes playing dress up almost as much as playing in the dirt. The Moose enjoys chasing the dogs in her foster home and hanging out in her beautiful pink bedroom. She dislikes asparagus, snakes and annoying questions about foster care. After attending Cirque Du Soleil, The Moose decided she is going to be a circus performer. But the most important job she will ever have is being a big sister to The Menace, even though The Menace is annoying.

“Being a foster kid doesn’t define me.” 

Meet The Menace –

The Menace wants folks to understand that she didn’t choose the time-out life, the time-out life chose her. If there was one word to describe her it would be misunderstood. She is a wild, busy three-year-old that creates havoc where ever she goes. She doesn’t mean to destroy everything in her path, it just seems to happen. The Menace is also a doting little sister who would follow The Moose to the ends of the Earth. She is an affectionate child that wants nothing more than to be loved. The Menace likes pouring things onto the floor, throwing things, hitting, kicking, getting all the attention by acting out, dressing the dogs up and swimming. She dislikes listening, following directions, sitting still and getting in trouble for misbehaving.

Meet Bubba, The Stuffy –

Bubba wants folks to understand that she is The Moose’s best friend. She feels whatever The Moose feels and will always be there to provide comfort and security.

The Moose and The Menace
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