Kate Hlava

Kate Hlava is a wife, mother, recovering attorney, life coach, crafter and author of the new children’s book The Moose and the Menace: WITS for the Win. Ions ago, Kate worked in juvenile court which fed her desire to adopt children. She is a mom of six officially but has parented many additional children as a foster mom.

Drawing inspiration from her foster kids, Kate wrote the children’s book The Moose and the Menace: WITS for the Win as a way to help kids understand boundaries. The Moose and the Menace are the nicknames for Kate’s youngest kids who recently adopted from foster care. The Moose has fielded many intrusive questions about being in foster care and Kate wanted to provide her with some tools to address those questions when they arise. Kate has found that encouraging The Moose to use her WITS has helped her more calmly handle these questions. Curious about what WITS stands for? Check out the book!

Kate currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, six kids and entirely too many dogs.

Kate’s goal is to write children’s books that are aimed at highlighting the difficulties of being a kid while also tying in foster care and adoption. Four out of six of Kate’s kids are adopted/going to be adopted and while that is one fact about them, it is not who they are. Kate’s experiences in juvenile court and as a mom of such a diverse family have shown her the immense need for foster care/adoption books that aren’t all about one thing. Just like her kids, being in foster care is just one part of The Moose and The Menace’s story.

The Moose and The Menace
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